3 Quick Pruning Tips for a Beautiful Garden

Spring is an important time for your lawn and garden. This means lawn work, cleaning flower beds, plant care, and pruning. Start on the right foot this year by checking off these things from your Spring to-do list. The first thing you will want to tackle is pruning your trees and bushes.

General Pruning Tips

Try to attack your dead plants and get those out of the way. The Anvil Pruning Shears are made to prune dead branches up to 7/8 of an inch. This pruner will make pruning up to two times simpler than traditional tools.

The upper blade first penetrates the plant surface smoothly to prevent crushing the plant. When the blade cuts the plant from the bottom, it also ensures a uniformly precise cut.

Cut at a 90-degree angle for a smooth trim. It’s important to trim dead wood so it does not fall or fly off with hard wind, protecting your property from further damage during a storm. Trimming dead or dry branches and stems also preserves the health of your plants.

When removing unwanted growth, make clean cuts angled away from the buds. Prune parallel to existing branches and leaf nodes to encourage new growth.

When removing the stem, cut back to the point where it branched.

Eden Gardening Tools will always continue its mission to help you create a beautiful garden with quality products you can rely on. Buy them today; you’ll wonder how you’ve lived without them.



Check out this video to learn more about the Anvil Pruning Shears.