Fall Gardening 101

As summer fades, fall is approaching in full force. Take advantage of the fall weather by preparing and planning for a blossoming spring. The autumn season is great for cleaning up flower beds, adding to your compost piles, adjusting soils, and prepping for the next growing season. It’s also the time to plant spring-flowering bulbs for much-needed color after a long winter. Follow these tips to set yourself up for a fresh start next spring.


  • Begin with pulling pesky weeds, cleaning up old plants, and removing debris
  • Prune shrubs and hedges one last time before the first frost
  • Winterize your lawn and garden bed by tilling the hardened soil and preparing for new growth
  • Bring your lawn tools and garden hoses inside to store over the cold winter months
  • Wash and store ceramic and terra cotta pots so they won’t freeze and crack

New Growth

  • Plant grass seed
    • Cooler temperatures and increased rainfall set the perfect stage to plant new grass seeds. Roots can begin to develop before the harsh winter comes
  • Till your garden before the first frost to break down any leftover plant roots and prepare the soil for new growth in the spring
    • Aerating the lawn will help water, oxygen, and fertilizer reach grass roots faster, encouraging new and sustained growth
  • Start a new compost bin to fuel your garden in spring
  • Plant spring bulbs. If you live in a cooler area, plant spring bulbs in October. If you live in a warmer area, wait to plant until mid-November. Some popular spring bulbs are:
    • Daffodils
    • Tulips
    • Hyacinth
  • Make plans for new spring garden beds
  • Fall is the perfect time to plant shrubs and trees as they will get enough dormancy and moisture, ensuring transplant shock won’t be a problem. Keep trees and shrubs well-watered in the fall to help them withstand harsh winter conditions.
  • Use a lawn mower to mulch up fall leaves. Store the mulched leaves for garden beds or flower gardens

Cold Weather Gardening and Clean Up

  • Keep the gutters clean so no water runoff can ruin your garden beds. Use the Turbo extension wands to clean hard-to-reach areas without stretching or straining.
  • If you are worried about extended frosts or deep freezes, you can use row covers, fleece liners, and mulch layers to keep vegetables and exotics warm
  • Autumn planting in mild climate zones offer extended growing time for:
    • Cabbage/broccoli
    • Garlic
    • Radishes
    • Generic root crops

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